The Tokyo Zodiac Murders, Soji Shimada, 1981

Bought this book a few days back, when I visited a cute little book-cum-cafe in Gangtok. It's called Rachna Book store, and you must visit if you ever come this side of the world. Reading Shimada in the cold... The book has the honour of being the first book that I bought in 2020...and also … Continue reading The Tokyo Zodiac Murders, Soji Shimada, 1981

Dune Messiah, Frank Herbert

In the second book of the Dune series, we see the divergence from what would have been the regular tale of a Hero who avenged the death of his father. Instead we are treated to the beginnings of questions that will haunt us through the Dune series. How will humanity distort the original message of messiahs? Is it possible to imagine and control every single impact of mass-movements? Will that kill what it means to be human?

Under the Banner of Heaven, Jon Krakauer

In June this year, I picked up Krakauer's book at the classic Oxford Book Store in Darjeeling. The Oxford Book & Stationary Store has a good collection of books and articles on the people and history of Darjeeling, Sikkim & other eastern-Himalayan countries. It also has books on Buddhism and mountain-climbing. The building facade is … Continue reading Under the Banner of Heaven, Jon Krakauer

The Colonel’s Son, Roberto Bolaño

Last night, I was exhausted. Exhausted with the world, and my interactions with it. So I sank into bed and picked up where I had left off in the Granta "Horror" anthology, and landed right into the tight action of Bolaño's story. Firstly, a note about this anthology- these are not the horror stories of … Continue reading The Colonel’s Son, Roberto Bolaño