The Ghosts of K2, Mick Conefrey

Interesting tid-bits notwithstanding, however nothing that one couldn't have gleaned from a few hours of internet link-jumping. So in essence, the book's a good starting place to know the various expeditions and names that you could double-click on for further research.

Re-reading Jane Eyre, Charlotte Bronte

Perhaps the fact that this book was written in the mid 19th century, the early years of the British domination over the world through its colonies, influenced the superlative sense of self, and a disdain of the other.

Quis hic locus, Quae regio, Quae mundi plaga?

"What place is this, what kingdom, what wounded world?" I was re-watching the movie "Girl, Interrupted" when I noticed that Vanessa Redgrave was playing the role of Dr. Wick. Unbelievably, I had never noticed this in any of the previous viewings! When she quotes the Latin words "quis hic locus.."  in her gravelly and measured … Continue reading Quis hic locus, Quae regio, Quae mundi plaga?

A short note on Gravitas & Ye Olde Books

Gravitas, as described by me, being an unhurried pace. Perhaps not observable in our youth (unless one were to the mature born!) when we were a mere apprentice of life. It comes as we graduate to becoming the effortless master of time, as we become more languorous- we begin to have a thoughtful preponderance in every pause and before every carefully chosen word.