Quis hic locus, Quae regio, Quae mundi plaga?

"What place is this, what kingdom, what wounded world?" I was re-watching the movie "Girl, Interrupted" when I noticed that Vanessa Redgrave was playing the role of Dr. Wick. Unbelievably, I had never noticed this in any of the previous viewings! When she quotes the Latin words "quis hic locus.."  in her gravelly and measured … Continue reading Quis hic locus, Quae regio, Quae mundi plaga?

A short note on Gravitas & Ye Olde Books

Gravitas, as described by me, being an unhurried pace. Perhaps not observable in our youth (unless one were to the mature born!) when we were a mere apprentice of life. It comes as we graduate to becoming the effortless master of time, as we become more languorous- we begin to have a thoughtful preponderance in every pause and before every carefully chosen word.